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The temple organizes all vedic and pauranic rituals for all persons irrespective of castes. There is a long queue in the booking for performance of rituals: The following fees are received for Spiritual Services.Physical presence of Yajaman (worshiper) is not necessary for following spiritual offerings. Anyone can send fees as donation for these offerings.

Note: The fees of some rituals and spiritual services have been revised (amount shown in red color) and some have been started new by the Nyas Samiti in the meeting held on 22nd June, 2013 and are effected from 1st September, 2013

Spiritual Offerings

  • Holi-flag for Hanumanji ध्वजारोहण

Tuesday /Purnima (Full moon-day , Ramanavami 1500.00

  • Bhagavan Ka Bhog भगवान् का भोग

All days 1101.00

On Ramanavami day 5501.00

  • Akhand-Jyoti अखण्ड ज्योति

Tuesday / Special days 501.00

Saturday 351.00

Other days 251.00

  • Sindoor-Shringar सिन्दूर-शृंगार

Tuesday/ Special days 351.00

Saturday 251.00

Other days 151.00

  • Sadhu-Seva साधु-सेवा

All days 501.00

  • Daridra-narayan-Bhoj दरिद्रनारायण भोज (सामान्य- खिचड़ी सब्जी) Tuesday / Special days 1001.00

Saturday 751.00

Other days 501.00

  • Special Daridra-narayan-Bhoj विशिष्ट दरिद्रनारायण भोज (हलवा-पूड़ी)

Special for all days Minimum 2100.00

Vedic Rituals

Note: Physical presence of Yajaman (worshiper) is necessary for following rituals:

  • Brihad-manokamana-yajna बृहद्-मनोकामना यज्ञ


  • Brihat-Hanumat-Puja बृहद्‌-हनुमत्‌-पूजन


  • Rudra-Abhishek रुद्राभिषेक

अन्य दिन 751.00

महाशिवरात्रि, श्रावण सोमवार, नागपञ्चमी 2100.00

श्रावण में प्रतिदिन (ऊपरी मंजिल पर) 1001.00

प्रत्येक सोमवार एवं चतुर्दशी तिथि (ऊपरी मंजिल पर), श्रावण के अतिरिक्त अन्य मास में 1001.00

विशेष दिन में (ऊपरी मंजिल पर) विशेष सूचना के अनुसार शुल्क

  • Brihad-Ramarcha -pujan बृहद्-रामार्चा-पूजन 1001.00
  • Brihat-Satyanarayan-katha बृहत्‌ सत्यनारायण कथा 501.00
  • Birthday Ritual i.e Janma-Mangala-Anusthan

जन्म-मंगलानुष्ठाऩ 251.00

  • Grah-Shanti ग्रहशान्ति हवन 501.00
  • Roga-Shanti रोगशान्ति हवन 501.00
  • Spacial-Havan विशेष हवन 251.00
  • Ganesh-Pujan गणपति पूजन 251.00
  • Shri-krishna-Pujan श्रीकृष्ण-पूजन 251.00


    Jaap and Path (Chanting and Reciting)

    Note: Physical presence of Yajaman (worshiper) is necessary for following rituals:

  • Maha-Mrityunjaya Jaap महामृत्युजंय जप minimum 11 thousand RS. 2475.00 (Per 11 thousand) and extra Rs. 225.00 per thousand
  • Other Graha-mantra Jaap अन्य ग्रह-मन्त्र जप Only Vedic 2475.00 (Per 11 Thousand)
  • Santaan-Gopal-Mantra Jaap सन्तान गोपाल-मन्त्र जप 225.00 (Per Thousand)
  • Santaan-Gopal-Stotra Reciting सन्तान गोपाल-स्तोत्र पाठ 101.00 (Per recite)
  • Sundar-Kand (Ramcharitmanas) Recitingसुन्दरकाण्ड रामचरितमानस पाठ 101.00 (Per recite)
  • Sundar Kand (Valmiki-Ramayan) Recitingसुन्दरकाण्ड वाल्मीकि-रामायण पाठ 1100.00 (Per recite)
  • Hanuman-Chalisa Reciting हनुमानचालीसा पाठ minimum 108 751.00 (Per 108 recites)
  • Shri Durga-saptashati Reciting (Plain ) श्रीदुर्गासप्तशती सामान्य पाठ 251.00 (Per recite)
  • Shri Durga-saptashati Reciting (Samput) श्रीदुर्गासप्तशती सम्पुट पाठ 1001.00 (Per recite)
  • Ramraksha-Stotra Reciting श्रीरामरक्षा-स्तोत्र पाठ minimum 5 @101/Recite 505.00 (per 5 recite)
  • Mantra-chanting मन्त्र जप Only Vedic 225.00 (Per Thousand)

It is probably the only temple in the country where in the performance of rituals even the dakshina to the priests is paid by the temple trust from the charges taken for rituals. Details can be obtained by mail mahavirmandir @gmail.com.

These rituals are performed in a manner which is an improvement on the already established practice. Persons from the lowly born to His Excellency the Governors have participated in such rituals.

Description of rituals done at Mahavir Mandir


Rudra-Abhiseka i.e the sacred bathing of Lord Shankar is a ritual as prescribed in the Vedic Sutra literature. The Abhiseka is performed in order to please Lord Shiva to bestow fortune and prosperity, fulfillment of long cherished desires and to pacify the stars, which are adverse to the fortune of a devotee affecting his/ her destiny. Keeping in view the belief, desire and demand of the devotees, Rudra-Abhishek is arranged by Mahavir Mandir. Since it is not possible for a lay devotee to identify and collect puja materials himself, as also their is dearth of Pandit i.e. the preist having expertise in such a Puja, Mahavir Mandir provides puja materials and a well-versed preist on payment of a nominal fee, the devotee informed the date and time of Rudra-Abhisheka so that he/she may turn up in time to perform the ritual, which may spread over nearly two hours.

Satya-Narayan-Puja ( Detailed)

It may be mentioned that the worship of Lord Satya-Narayan is the most popular amongst all the modes of worship offered to Lord Visnu. The Skand and the Bhavisya Puranas contain the importance and methodology of performing worship of Lord Satya-Narayan. The most appropriate book for details of methodology and mythology of this worship is Bhavisya Puran, which deals with this subject in its main text, whereas the Skanda Puran mentions its substitute in the appendix of its eastern version only. Here it may be mentioned usefully for the information of the devotees that two kinds of worship of Lord Satya-Narayan are being arranged in Mahavir Mandir, the one that may be called traditional, and another is known as Brihad (detaileds) Satya-Narayan-puja. The later one is special in the sense that this can’t the performed by a lay priest rather it requires a bit of specialization. Since it is not possible for a common devotee to identify and collect puja materials himself, as also there is dearth of Pandit i-e the priest having expertise in such a Puja, Mahavir Mandir provides puje materials and a well-versed priest. On payment of a nominal fee, the devotee informed the date and time of so that he/ she may turn up in time of Satya-Narayan-Puja (detailed) to perform the ritual, which may spread over nearly two hours


Ramarcha in Mahavir Mandir is performed in accordance with the “Ramrchana-paddhati” an authentic book written by Ramanandacharya. Here it is so devotion oriented and less-offering oriented and the fees are so normal that many people doubt that it is really the true Ramarcha. But our ritual is perfect and far better than that prevalent in other temples and institutions where devotees are fleeced in the name of rituals.

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